A glossary of some of the terms used on this website.


  • Shutdown Works

    Simply speaking, a shutdown occurs when a company plans to close down part of their complex for a period of time, in order to undertake maintenance, repairs and upgrades. A shutdown is typically intense, involving a constant hectic pace, as well as long hours.

  • New for old replacement

    It’s inevitable that parts break down; on a mining site, this could be costly and potentially disastrous. As such, getting on site in order to replace a part is time-intensive and requires both speed and attention to detail.

  • Fabricate and install equipment

    Parts and the like, more often than not, need to be made to order to certain specifications. We devise the equipment needed for a given purpose, provide same and then install it on site.


  • Welding in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium

    ‘Mild’ steel is carbon manganese, which is highly ductile and malleable for welding purposes. Stainless steel is an alloy typically composed of 10% chromium; it doesn’t rust, stain or corrode readily when exposed to water, and is largely used in architecture. Aluminium has a higher rate of conductivity compared to other metals, and caution must be exercised especially when used in welding.

  • MIG, TIG and ARC Processes

    Metal Inert Gas welding uses a continuously feeding wire and an electric arc to make the weld. Conversely, Tungsten Inert Gas welding is used for thin gauge materials, and can be used with low power.

  • Hard facing

    Hard facing involves the layering of complex alloys on common metals using either the weld metal overlay or laser-like cladding processes.

  • Pressure Pipe Welding

    Working on distribution systems that involve liquids, gases, etc. being delivered by means of air pressure; as such, this requires its own set of safety regulations and procedures.

  • Structural Steel Welding

    This refers to the joining of metal components for the application of forming structural supporting assemblies. Typically these perform the task of supporting a building’s infrastructure.

  • Weld Procedures And Qualifications For Both AS1554 & AS4041

    This refers to the standards used in qualifying welding procedures and consumables, as well as descriptions of various types of welds, quality standards, and inspection processes. AS4041 refers to pressure piping specifically.