North - South Pipline


North South Pipeline – Outlet Chamber Lining

Project Customer

John Holland for Melbourne Water

Project Description

Project Value


Project Location

Sugarloaf Reservoir, Christmas Hills, Victoria, Australia


Project: North South Pipeline – Outlet Chamber Lining
Project Description: During trials, the original lining of the North South Pipeline outlet chamber at Sugar Loaf Dam proved inadequate, being completely destroyed by the tremendous water impact caused by the water pressure dissipation valve.Concrete was eroded back beyond the reinforcing.This project involved the drafting, fabrication, preassembly and installation of quadrant panels to reline the chamber. QSW proposed a solution where the panels would be made in 4 sections allowing setup tacking and anchor drilling onsite, removal to the workshop for final welding, then reinstallation. The panels were finish welded onsite and anchored to the wall with chemset rods flush welded to the panel. The final assembly was then pressure grouted and passivated.
Customer: John Holland for Melbourne Water
Location: Sugar Loaf Dam