Romlas, Bells Portal, Thomson Reservoir


Thomson Reservoir - Bells Portal Booster Pump Installation

Project Customer

John Holland for Melbourne Water

Project Description

Fabrication of adapting pipe work and installation of 2 x inline pumps at Bells Portal, Thomson Reservoir, aimed at boosting flow rates to Upper Yarra Dam.

Project Value


Project Location

Thomson, VIC, 3825, Australia

Thomson Dam feeds water to Upper Yarra Dam which in turn supplies water to Melbourne.Water levels in the Thomson reached critical levels in 2009-10 providing insufficient flows to Upper Yarra Dam. This project involved the installation of 2 x inline pumps in the outlet chamber at Bells Portal, 100m underground.It proved to be a very challenging project, all equipment and plant items were lowered 100m down a vertical shaft and horizontally through a linking tunnel.

The pumps were successfully installed and pumped water to Upper Yarra Dam until the drought broke the following year.